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About HealthSource Saginaw, Inc.

HealthSource Saginaw, Inc. (HealthSource), under the direction of President and CEO, Lisa M. Lapham, is located at 3340 Hospital Road in Saginaw, Michigan. HealthSource was known as Saginaw County Hospital upon its establishment by the County of Saginaw in 1929 under Public Act 177 of 1925 as a tuberculosis sanatorium. In 1971, the hospital changed its name from Saginaw County Hospital to Saginaw Community Hospital. The organization was incorporated in 1991 as a Municipal Health Facilities Organization under Public Act 230 of 1987 and also qualified for 501(c)3, not-for-profit corporation status by the Internal Revenue Service. In 1994, the hospital was renamed HealthSource Saginaw, Inc. We are located in Saginaw Township, a suburban area, approximately ten (10) miles from the Center of the City of Saginaw.

HealthSource has 319 inpatient beds which are used in the following programs:


Phone: 989/790.7700     Toll Free: 800/662.6848     3340 Hospital Rd., Saginaw, MI 48603
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