Coronavirus: Protecting our Patients, Residents, Staff, and Community

HealthSource Saginaw continues to monitor the worldwide response to the coronavirus disease 2019, or COVID-19, a major global health concern.  HealthSource executives are in contact with the local and state health officials to take all precautions to protect our patients, residents, and staff.

As the virus spreads within the U.S., the elderly and those with multiple medical problems are at highest risk.  Because the populations we work with are at high risk for complications with this virus we have restricted visitation in the Behavioral Medicine Center and require COVID-19 screening prior to visitation in other areas along with offering testing prior to your visit.   We have also implemented mitigation strategies for visitors and staff to follow, some based on vaccination status. Some examples of additional precautions we have put in place:

  • Actively screening all new admissions and implementing precautions if necessary.
  • Monitoring temperatures for all employees and screening for signs & symptoms of COVID-19 at the start of each shift.
  • Screening for signs & symptoms of COVID-19 including temperature screening at the main entrances.
  • Requiring HealthSource provided surgical masks for anyone entering the building.
  • Checking temperatures and other vital signs for all patients & residents on a daily basis.
  • Creating education modules for employees related to hand hygiene, COVID-19 and environmental cleaning.
  • Minimizing visits of non-clinical staff to patient & resident areas.
  • Developing a dedicated COVID-19 page on our intranet for employee communication & resources.
  • Continuously monitoring our stock of personal protective equipment, antibacterial products & other supplies on a daily basis.
  • Additional sanitizing of common & high touch areas by housekeeping and direct care staff.
  • Adjusting meal times on our nursing units in order to allow better separation of residents.

How may I communicate with a patient or resident?

Behavioral Medicine patients can be communicated with by phone or we can set up a video chat through tablets available on the units.  For Long-Term Care and Medical Rehabilitation Patients and Resident we are encouraging communications through the phone or via the internet with video chat along with person visits while adhering to our mitigation strategies available under our COVID-19 Visitation Tab on our website.

Can I provide goods and services to my loved one such as snacks, shampoo or laundry? How can I get these items to my loved ones?

Items can be brought into the facility and dropped off for loved ones. We will sanitize the items and provide them. We can also work with the unit managers to provide laundry services onsite free of charge. Clothing will need to be labeled with the resident’s name and this can also be done onsite at no charge.  Families are also welcome to exchange dirty/clean laundry.

How long will the facility be limiting visitation?

At this time, we do not have a time table for visitation limitations in the Behavioral Medicine.

Can my loved one visit family or friends outside of the facility?

Behavioral Medicine Patients cannot leave the building. Patients and residents receiving inpatient services in Long-Term Care or Medical Rehabilitation can arrange for a scheduled leave of absence. Patients and Residents can also visit outside on facility grounds if their medical condition and the weather allows.

Is HealthSource still providing outpatient Services?

Yes, we are still providing outpatient services.  Patients receiving outpatient treatment are screened daily for COVID-19 signs and symptoms and are restricted to areas not used by residents and patients receiving inpatient services.