Choosing a Skilled Nursing Facility

Choosing a Skilled Nursing Facility

Whether an individual needs a short-term rehabilitation after an accident, illness, or surgery, or needs extended long-term care, today’s skilled nursing facilities offer a wide variety of services and accommodations.

When evaluating a short-term rehabilitation environment, check to make sure the therapies available meet your needs. Here are a few things to consider:

  • Does the facility accept your insurance?
  • What specialties and certifications do the therapists have?
  • Are there special programs and equipment for your specific needs?
  • Are the patient and family included in the care planning process?
  • Do the different disciplines coordinate their services?
  • Are their services flexible to accommodate other appointments and family visitation?
  • Is there an individualized care plan that not only eases patients into therapy, but times pain medication prior to therapy to mitigate pain and reduce the pain barrier for their rehabilitation?

Whether your plan is for short-term rehabilitation or extended long-term care, little things mean a lot at a skilled nursing facility. Here are a few questions to think about:

  • Location
    • Family and visitors are important!  Is the facility convenient for frequent visits from friends and family?
    • Is the facility in a safe area?
  • Atmosphere
    • Is the ambience welcoming and attractive?
    • Does it have good natural light?
    • Are there comfortable places to meet with friends and family?
  • Interior and exterior of the building
    • Is the building’s exterior well-maintained?
    • Is there a nice outdoor area that is accessible to residents?
    • Is the facility clean and free of unpleasant odors?
    • Is the temperature and noise level acceptable?
  • Staff
    • What physicians see residents at the facility?
    • Is the facility staff employed or contracted?  Contracted staff may not have the same consistency.
    • Observe staff interactions with the residents.  Are the caregivers courteous, responsive, and show respect with a positive attitude?
    • Does staff know and call residents by name?
  • Rooms
    • Does the living space suit the needs of the resident?
    • Does each resident have a window?
    • Is there a shower in each room or a community bathing room?
    • Is there adequate privacy?
    • Are telephone and cable TV provided?
    • What are the policies for decorating rooms with personal items?
  • Dining
    • Observe a mealtime at the facility and ask to have the dining procedures explained to you.
    • Are private dining areas available when family and friends are visiting?
    • Are snacks provided?
  • Activities
    • Look over the activity calendar and ask about available programs.  Do they suit your needs?
    • Are residents encouraged to participate?
    • If religious services are important to you, are services held on the premises?
    • What individual arrangements can be made for residents to worship?
  • Other medical considerations
    • Are other medical professionals (dentists, podiatrists, optometrists) available?
    • How are prescription medications ordered? Is there an on-site pharmacy?
    • How does the facility handle non-emergency transportation to medical appointments?
  • Costs of continued care
    • Does the facility accept both Medicare and Medicaid if that coverage is needed?
    • Request a list of what services are covered in the basic charges.
  • State Health Inspections
    • Requesting to see the facilities most recent health inspection can give you additional insight on questions to ask.

Whether short-term or long-term, HealthSource Saginaw residents benefit from an interdisciplinary team of professionals that focus on your individual needs and quality of life. Stop by to join us for a tour today or schedule an appointment by calling 989-790-7700.