Mental Health Heroes Helped Me Find Hope

“The mental health experts at HealthSource Saginaw are my heroes,” says a recent Behavioral Medicine Center patient. “The hope you all have given me is priceless. I’ll take it with me everywhere I go. The impact you’ve made in such a short time should not go unnoticed, and I wish I had more to give than a thank you! I’ll never forget this experience or the people.

‘To my psychiatrist, thank you for educating me in such a delicate way and managing to make me NOT feel crazy. You’ve equipped me with the tools to keep this process going after I leave.

‘To my mental health techs, you put a smile on my face just by walking in. You brighten ANY room. Thank you for making me feel so comfortable in a foreign place.

‘To my nurses, you are so kind, smart, motivating and beyond inspiring.”